Multi Disc Clutches
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Multi Disc Clutches

66H Series

For Wet or Dry Operation

Series 66H-02 pressure-applied rotating cylinder multi-disc clutches are designed for use in oil. The pressure supply is fed axially along the mounting shaft and radially outwards through the clutch hub into the cylinder. Positive disengagement is achieved by the use of release springs between the inner plates.

Standard drive rings available as optional extra

  • Clutch does not require adjustment
  • Torques can be varied by regulating supply pressure
  • Bearing-free design eliminates bearing life considerations
  • Speed of engagement can be controlled by varying pressure supply flow rate
  • Individual plate separation ensures low drag torque
  • Large friction area gives extended plate life
  • Multi-disc design results in compact high torque clutch
  • No axial thrust transmitted to adjacent components

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