Packaged Clutch & Brakes
  • Packaged Clutch Brake

Packaged Clutch & Brakes

Packaged, ready to use clutches and brakes

Based around the same concept as the basic design clutches and brakes, but conveniently assembled and (on some models) pre-adjusted at the factory, ready to use.Offered as clutches, brakes, and clutch/brake combinations, packaged products can be base mounted, shaft mounted, or installed on or between C-face motors and gear reducers.

EC Series - Packaged Clutches

For starting and stopping of applications up to 600Nm, requires no maintenance.

EB Series - Packaged Brakes

 Available in a range of sizes and options for braking up to 630Nm

 EM/EMER - Combined Packaged Clutch Brakes

These are combined, fully enclosed clutches and brakes.  Robust and reliable.  Available as a fail safe brake option.

EP - Electropack Series

Robust foot mounted clutch brake combinations for the most harsh applications.


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