Power Supplies and Controls
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Power Supplies and Controls

 Broad range of clutch and brake power supplies and controls

Warner Electric offers a wide variety of clutch/brake controls which perform a broad array of functions ranging from basic starting and stopping to rapid cycling and high accuracy indexing our clutch/brake controls.

On-Off -Warner Electric controls are available with various mounting, input voltage and switching options.

Adjustable Torque- The torque transmitted by a clutch or brake is proportional to the coil current. We offer several products that provide torque control for smooth and repeatable starts and stops.

Positioning Controls Such as Baggage Handling Applications, designed to meet the rigorous demands of conveyor diverters

Adjustable Accel-Decel -Acceleration-Deceleration Control provides soft starting and stopping to full torque. This control allows for adjustment of the ramps to achieve a repeatable soft start or stop, while still allowing the clutch or brake to reach full torque..

Overexcitation - Warner Electric's Overexcitation (OEX) Controls provide rapid cycling functions - the clutch/brake speed of response can be increased for improved accuracy and performance through overexcitation, which is the application of a short high voltage pulse to provide nearly instantaneous torque.

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