Toothed Clutches
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Toothed Clutches

Electrically operated toothed clutches for a wide variety of applications

The reliable, electrically-operated E320 toothed clutch provides high torque capacity in a small package. Units are activated by power-on and designed for engagement at very low speeds and random operation while serving as a positive coupling drive without slipping.

  • Require no wear adjustment
  • Fixed inductor mounted on ball bearings
  • Electrically-operated 24 or 103, 5 VDC depending on size
  • Sealed bearings for dry operation
  • Models with non-sealed bearings for oil environments are available

The Warner E330 VAR 04/VAR 14 is electrically operated 103,5/48 or 207/103,5 VDC depending on size, a tooth clutch, and activated by spring pressure.

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