RT Series Helical Inline Gearboxes

RT Series Helical Inline Gearboxes

Spaggiari or Motovario branded RT/RF/RM legacy gearbox products

Designed to offer maximum reliability even in the harshest operating conditions, the R product series is suitable for applications that require high radial loads. The R-series includes a large number of extremely versatile versions.

Where possible we would suggest customers migrate to the nearest H series gearbox to ensure long term availability of replacements and spares.

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  • Sizes: 040-050-063-080-100-125
  • Available versions: R - fitted for motor coupling, IR - with input shaft
  • Casing with feet T, flange F and with low output shaft centre M
  • Gearing with 1, 2 and 3 reduction stages
  • Reduction ratios between 1,4 and 250
  • Efficiency from 0.96 to 0,985
  • Power from 0,12 up to 30 kW
  • Torque max 3.200 Nm
  • Admissible radial loads max 34.700 N
  • Cases in G200 cast iron for high strength
  • Lubrication with mineral oil
  • Gears hardened and tempered with ground profile
  • Excellent mechanical strength, particularly suitable to support high axial loads and high reliability
  • Painted with RAL 5010 blue epoxy-polyester powder according to DIN 1843

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