Ball Screw Jacks
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Ball Screw Jacks

Ball Screw Jacks for rapid and precise positioning

The ball screw jacks proposed in the K series are born from UNIMEC's experience in trapezoidal screw jacks.

The can be employed for lifting, pulling, moving, aligning any kind of load with a perfect synchronism, which is difficult to obtain by means of other handling devices.

The K series screw jacks are suitable for high services as well as for a very rapid, quick and precise positioning. As compared to trapezoidal screw jacks, the K series presents a transmission REVERSIBILITY: it is therefore advisable to provide for brakes, blockings or contrast torques in order to avoid a direction reversal. Screw jacks can be applied singularly or in groups properly connected with shafts, joints, and/or bevel gearboxes.

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