Speed Modulation Gearboxes
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Speed Modulation Gearboxes

Bevel gearboxes with variable speed capability

The purpose of a speed modulation gearbox is the possibility to increase or decrease the revolution speed by means of a temporary additional rotation.

Said operation is effected manually, with motors or motor reducers, through a worm screw having an high reduction ratio.The angular speed adjustment can also be performed when the machine is running, by overlapping the effects of the different handlings and thus reducing the expensive non-working periods.

The operation principle of UNIMEC'S speed modulation gearboxes is the same as the planetary gearboxes, the only difference being the external ring gear, is not connected to the body, but is contrasted by an adjustment worm screw. Rotating this device, and as a consequence rotating the planetary system too, it is possible to modify the transmission output revolution speed.

Machines made of various working stations, with conveyor belts and feeding lines (typical of the paper, packaging and press sectors, etc.) find their ideal solution in the speed modulation gears, in order to synchronize the various delivery phases.

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  • Dynamically balanced armature/rotor for vibration free smooth operation
  • Heavy duty industrial ball bearings are employed on all Baldor gearmotors
  • Custom designed seals with a bi-directional helix for positive oil retention and long life
  • Ball bearings for greater load capacity (J and K Styles)
  • Induction hardened and ground worm significantly increases both the operating life and load capacity
  • Internal expansion bladder eliminates the need for a breather while allowing the gearmotor to be mounted in any position.* This feature is exclusive to Baldor.
  • UL recognized insulation system 200˚ ISR copper magnetic wire
  • Synthetic oil provides improved efficiencies, long life and cooler operation. Permanently lubricated for long mainetnance-free operation.
  • NEW castings are designed to eliminate any possibility of porosity leaks, reduce weight and increase strength and reliability

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