Trapezoidal Screw Jacks
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Trapezoidal Screw Jacks

UNIMEC trapezoidal screw jacks that offer ease of use and high reliability

Ease of use and high reliability make UNIMEC trapezoidal screw jacks suitable for a wide variety of uses. They can be employed to lift, pull, move, or align any kind of loads, with a perfect synchronism which can hardly be obtained with other handling methods. 

UNIMEC trapezoidal screw jacks are absolutely IRREVERSIBLE, that is, they can support their applied loads without needing any brakes or other locking systems. 

The screw jacks can be employed singularly or in groups properly connected with shafts, joints, and/or bevel gearboxes. 

They can be driven by different motors: electrical, with either alternating or direct current, as well as hydraulic or pneumatic motors. Also they can be driven manually or with any other type of transmission. 

The highest quality and a 30 years long experience are able to meet the most demanding and sophisticated requirements.


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